Architectural Review

Hampton Improvement Association
Request for Approval for Alterations to Property

Preservation of Hampton covenants is facilitated by property owners working together through their community association. The Board of Directors of the HIA will receive a recommendation from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) regarding proposed changes to your property. The Board and ARC guide homeowners through the building review process. The goal is to preserve high standards which protect property values. This process provides a forum for an open dialog among all homeowners affected by potential change and transition.

The covenants are a legal document, part of our deeds, and play a very important role in preserving property values. If you are proposing changes to, or new construction on, your property please send your plans to Dwight Kines, Chairperson, Architectural Review Committee at or 410-828-0792. Pleas include a drawing showing the distances to the front, rear and side property lines after your renovation is complete.

As a courtesy to neighbors we suggest homeowners try to minimize the impact of your job on others around you by keeping the site safe and reasonably neat. We urge you to communicate your plans to your neighbors. Plans will be considered at our monthly HIA meetings and approval letters will be mailed out thereafter.