Programs and Services

Advocates for Neighborhood Interests

One of the primary functions of the Hampton Improvement Association is to provide a voice for the residents of Hampton in matters that affect their property and quality of life. In recent years, the association has:

  • Won a zoning dispute to prevent construction of a 200-ft. cellular tower on property abutting the community;
  • Obtained a $1.5 million contract to clean and reline waterlines. Worked closely to with Baltimore County and its contractors to protect and restore property affected by the project; Pressed for improvements to the roads, curbs and gutters;
  • Worked for the preservation of the Loch Raven Reservoir and watershed;
  • Monitored and testified on legislation (such as proposals on home-based businesses), reported to members and voiced their concerns;
  • Pushed to protect community interests during the construction of sewers, through periods of electrical failures, on matters of traffic management, and much more with institutions such as Baltimore Gas & Electric and numerous Baltimore County administrative departments;
  • Upgraded service from Baltimore Gas & Electric, Bell Atlantic and Comcast Cable.
  • Architectural Review
  • The HIA Architectural Review Committee guides homeowners through the building review process. This mechanism preserves property values and the appearance of the neighborhood by helping homeowners understand and adhere to their legally binding covenants attached to the land. For more information about the building review process and the Architectural Review Committee please see the HIA Architectural Review Committee pages.
  • Security


The HIA arranges for and manages the purchase of private security services which are paid through individual subscriptions. The program offers regular patrols, monitoring of property while residents are away, emergency support, and other services. An e-mail list is maintained by the Association which may be used to alert residents of a situation quickly.

Liaison Between Neighbors

The HIA is one of the best vehicles available to residents for resolving disputes or encouraging dialogue between neighbors. The HIA Board of Directors can offer a bridge between residents over matters of difference.

Legal Support

At times the interests of the neighborhood must be protected with the help of legal counsel. HIA acts as a coordinating group for such efforts, collecting funds and retaining attorneys as needed.

Social Functions

There are countless special projects in which HIA participates and encourages the involvement of neighbors, from block parties to Easter Egg hunts; from roadside clean-ups to special awards.

Welcoming & Informing New Neighbors

HIA informs neighbors about important events and developments through regular email blasts (add listserv, MailChimp, etc), open Board meetings, special bulletins, public meetings, occasional leaflets, news coverage, word-of-mouth and of course this website. Each new neighbor is greeted by a member of our welcoming committee to help them understand our community and opportunities to participate…and feel welcome!